Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'm getting married... again

On May 20th of this year, I will become a wife to my main man. It'll be just he and I reciting our vows to love and honor and cherish and have lots of sex with each other to a JP somewhere on Cape Cod.

Wait, that sounded funny. We're not going to say OUT LOUD that we're going to have sex with just each other. We will just think it in our minds.

No one in our family knows the exact date - we don't want any "have you gotten married yet?" phone calls from well-meaning (but really PIA) family members. This will be the biggest secret I've ever kept... well, except for that one about the number of *boyfriends* I've had, but everyone keeps that secret. Right?

The best part though, is that I will actually wear a wedding dress... face it, most ladies grow up dreaming about that dress. I wasn't about to pass up a chance to wear a wedding dress AGAIN!!! I won't invite anyone to the wedding, but I damn sure will wear a dress suiting the occasion. The Main Man will be wearing something new too, but I'm just not daydreaming about that as much. I love being a girl. And a bride.