Monday, January 30, 2006

In my brain this minute...

Tonight's a kid-free night, and Mike and I have our "just us" routine. Home by 6pm, pj's on by 6:01, dinner on the stove by 6:05. He's a great cook, and when I feel so inclined, I'm pretty good myself... toot, toot. Tonight was his turn to make the meal and he made rapini, italian sausage on fettucine or linguine - I can't tell which, really who cares? It totally kicked ass. I love this man.

But sometimes these nights - the kid-free ones - are just way too freakin' quiet. Sunday the house was full - both kids were here for the afternoon - and all was right with the world. Yep, it was loud and sometimes there was screaming and a few No, Molly's and Dad, tell Ryan to stop touching me's. At the time, I was ready to pull out my hair and Mike was pondering life as a childless bachelor.

Tonight, I miss the bickering. I wish they lived with us because it's way too quiet right now.


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